Technology a Way to Save Paper, Trees and Humanity

Every single paper that you find around you is pointing fingers towards saving paper to save greenery in order to contribute towards healthier life of individuals living on the planet. But in this all forget that the paper on which this valuable information is written; is an evidence of opposite approach to what it is presenting to the world. We know as humans that we will become extinct like all other creatures on the planet if we didn’t stop right now and declare it as an emergency for ourselves to stop unfair and frequent use of paper. If your answer is yes then adapting to alternate techniques for bringing this thought into reality and extending one hand towards the betterment and livelihood of planet residents.

The use of technology is not new in this growing and prosperous society but the right use is still a dream which no one is realizing off. A paperless office environment is one of the best and right solution of it. Data can easily be circulated among individuals of an organization using shared folder drives that are commonly accessible to all at workstation. Even file servers can be created that will serve multiple purposes in any organization by creating backup of the content at save place to avoid data loss, hackers to steal worthy information and provide data extraction from server in the hour of need for employees. Email is another way of sharing the searched information with the employees and refrain from printing it out. Printed document is easily lost and forgotten off comparative to what is there in the computer storage device which will be there forever.

The world is struggling every moment for survival, comfort and availability of basic necessities for maintaining healthy and blessed lives. People perception is that money can buy this all but fact is quite contradicting; money cannot buy fresh air, money cannot buy a tree which is producing that fresh air, money cannot buy the oxygen that comes through these trees, money cannot buy the habitat of most living creatures who live in these trees. There are so many questions that arise out of concern that man is playing havoc with their own lives even after self-realization.

Its never too late; let’s make some enduring decisions to cultivate and boost our living with a thought of doing something for our own selves. May be these solutions are diverted towards the use of technology but a man should think that he developed this blessing for the benefit of himself; not to make it a curse on which later he will be regretting. Effective use of paper needs to get realized; for that first draft of document should be presented in soft form so that week areas and changes can be recommended on soft document; later mistakes can be removed to compile the final version of the document.

I believe technology if utilized smartly can be very helpful and supportive to mankind in achieving the set goals and targets. This how technology will be contributing towards preserving paper, trees and humanity in the long run.

Author: Ayesha Kashif

Western Polytechnic Pty Ltd trading as Australian Pacific Institute of Technology