Man, Machine joining Hands to bring Ease!

The term technology is not new; rather it has captured the mindset of individuals working in different sectors and areas of work. 21st century is not only an era of technology instead it deals with the collaborative use of machine and manpower. A very challenging question strikes our mind that why machines are interfering in the working environment of humans; where humans have got far more capabilities than machines. An easy answer to a very complex thinking of mankind; is to facilitate, bring comfort to the lives of people working with different nature of jobs. Don’t you think creativity word is attached to the innovative thinking of humans as it is an inbuilt capability and blessing to mankind from their creator?

This is the point where a man can utilize his best innovative skill to give birth to an outstanding technology which is going to facilitate them in long run by completing their work more efficiently and effectively with the minimum utility of time. The purpose was to get laborious, repetitive and donkey exercise is done through a machine where no such revolution is involved. In simple words a predefined task has to get done through a machine; saving the innovative mind from getting drained out by performing something for which it is not designed to do but it can. The purpose of this entire exercise is to involve humans in more productive and creative work assignment to strengthen the world progression rate.

Similar and monotonous nature work got shifted to robots and machines with repetitive cycle performance where fatigue, stress and long working hours were involved for higher production traumas. All this is gradually transiting from manual to automated assembly cycles, means, and techniques in the form of automatic handlers and robotics. Perfect examples of such assembled task are industrial sectors involving car manufacturing, pharmaceutical packaging, food industry and many more.

The dilemma of time is the acceptability of automated systems in industrial, medical and personal traits of a mankind; to support completion of the complex, time-consuming and high risk of life in accomplishing roles. This will contribute towards a turning point in the lives of humans for long-term outcomes and results; thus, adding value to the community through technology.

Author: Ayesha Kashif

Western Polytechnic Pty Ltd trading as Australian Pacific Institute of Technology