ICT in 21st Century; An Era of innovation-orientation



ICT is underpinning innovation and competitiveness in public and private sector of the world among almost all disciplines by turning the wheels of the world industry towards digitizing through inculcation of technology. ICT has turned inevitable for the learners if they want to survive in the today’s job market; they need to develop technical skills; build fluency with hardware and software structure. 21st century has transformed the way of work from manual to computerized system. This is why every person who wants to either develop a business or do a job needs to be well versed with basics of ICT.

The industrial world is transiting from theoretical to skill based at a very rapid pace. If you want your survival; it is only possible through the adaptability approach; which demands the learning of technical skills to meet the changing requirements of the world. Everyone is right now looking for a chance to explore the latest and growing trends of the industry to fit into the market segment with skilled approach.

That’s where ICT jumps in and equips their learner with all the latest skills, knowledge, ideas, platform that they need to know to establish their career not only in local but also in an international market. ICT provides opportunities in image processing, electronics, data warehousing, photonics, embedded systems, big data, and web world are some of the key terms in digital technologies. The term digital technologies are no more a fantasy among social and organizational world. Digital technology refers to the integration of multiple forms and types of technology; to achieve goals and aims of growing world.

Let’s gear up to face the world by having a strong eye contact; where there is no room for fear; well prepared and quite competent; a purposeful learning; to grow in the industrial sector as per their requirement. Where no one is asking you about your skills rather you tell them the skills needed for the job. That’s the difference ICT is going to create in the Pakistan’s community also where people lack the potential skills needed for job assignment. Now each one of us will be ready to strive and meet the challenges of the market.


Author: Ayesha Kashif

Western Polytechnic Pty Ltd trading as Australian Pacific Institute of Technology