Campus Life

In a nutshell, life on campus at Australian Pacific Institute of Technology is very easy going, forward thinking and intellectually stimulating. Cohesion plays a big part in a students learning. We’ve thought about students needs, and have provided for them an ergonomic and environment that supports creative and abstract thinking that’s conducive to learning.

Life in Islamabad:

Our architecturally built campus is fittingly based in Islamabad where the world of business, lifestyle and prestige blends with nature, spirituality and tourism. Islamabad is a source of amusement but also a great place to chill with gorgeous climate, nature parks and a stunning background of Islamabad’s magnificent mountain range.

Getting Here

APiT is 10 minutes away from Islamabad Stock Exchange metro station in Blue Area.

We are strategically located in close proximity to both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The Metro service is very accessible and the recommended mode of transport.



Life at APiT’s Islamabad campus has been established with the inspiration of APiT’s Melbourne (Australia) Campus. Employees from gross-roots to competent management are treated with equity and respect. At the same time there is an progressive attitude to learning, with students given the space to think outside the box. We enjoy a mix of light heartedness with a serious interest in progress and development.

Social Life

The APiT Chill Out area is a good place for students to relax between classes, to mingle with other students and trainers, to study, read books and enjoy your lunch.

Open Door Policy

Inside the campus, students have access to their respective Trainers & Assessors, as well as APiT Management for open discussions.

We regard our students as stakeholders for the future of our next generation, so we encourage students to approach our staff who are always happy to pass on their experience.

Western Polytechnic Pty Ltd trading as Australian Pacific Institute of Technology