Admissions Manager & Student Counsellor

At Australian Pacific Institute of Technology, we take our students seriously. We offer a full time student unlimited access to a Counselor on site who provides assistance from admissions, through to students study programs and in providing clear career pathways.

Our Student Counselor will be your main point of contact and will provide you with all the relevant information on our Institute, Courses, faculties, culture and pathways, as well as an APiT take home Information Pack.

No question will be left unanswered and no question is inappropriate, as we want you to be confident and committed that your decision to join APiT is the right one.

APiT is an exclusive brand; we only take committed students that are looking for real career pathways. While students are progressing through their course program, the Student Counselor will be the main facilitator between the Students and Faculties. So any performance related issues that have been identified will be managed by the Student Counselor, so our students are provided with every support mechanism in becoming a successful APiT Graduate.

APiT believe in a 100% student retention. We want every student to not only complete their course, but complete the course successfully and in turn having the ability to explore ample career pathways, either Internationally or through local Industrial Placements.

Our Student Counselor also acts as the resident Career Advisor, so your future pathway with Australian Universities and other international Universities, as well within Industrial Placements with larger multinational organizations will be facilities by the Student Counselor.

Our Student Counselor will also provide that emotional resilience and put into effect real change, enabling you to supersede your academic and personal potential… your future is safe at APiT!

For any further details, please contact our Student Counselor & Career Advisor at counselor-pakistan@apit.edu.au.

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