Keep up with your Beats


Using a heart rate monitor application is a fantastic method of keeping track of your heart rate when exercising or at rest. When used correctly, these apps can assist in maximizing your exercise routines, giving you the opportunity to be much more efficient. Whether you are doing cardio to build up your stamina or pacing yourself for an upcoming competition, a heart rate monitor is a good friend to have by your side.

You can decide whether to use a stand-alone monitor or one that works along with a fitness tracker. You’ll have your choice between apps that use optical technology to determine your heart rate and others that use an armband or a chest strap. Most modern fitness apps can assist in estimating your heart rate zone so that you’ll know the general range you fall into.

Determining your heart rate during exercise and at rest is just as an important part of monitoring your progress as the recovery of your heart rate following intense activity. It offers more insight into your heart’s health. Once you start monitoring all of these aspects, you’ll be able to understand for yourself the healthy benefits that you are gaining from your exercise routines.

There are many free apps on the App Store and the Google Play store that can detect your heart rate directly from your smart-phone, however, external heart rate monitors that can pair with an app are much more effective and concise. Some of the most popular Bluetooth heart monitor options available today include the iWatch, Fitbit etc. If you haven’t used a monitor before to determine your heart rate, you’ll be surprised to see just how easy they are to operate.

Learning more about your heart health gives you more control over your body and gives you the opportunity to make intelligent choices regarding your exercise routines. Learn more about your heart and how to manage mild and severe heart related problems through the CPR and first aid courses offered by the Australian Pacific Institute of Technology.

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