Warning Sign of a Stroke


Would you be aware of the signs and symptoms of a stroke if it were happening to someone in your close vicinity?

Did you know strokes are one of the leading causes of death?

While many people are aware of the warning signs pertaining to a heart attack, not many are able to recognise the symptomatology that takes place during a stroke. These are the major warning signs that will indicate that a stroke might be happening:

Facial Drooping – If a person is not able to smile properly or you can notice that one side of the face is drooping, this is a major alarm bell that a stroke may be occurring

Weakness in the arms – If one of the arms sags downwards when both arms are raised it can also be a sign of a stroke taking place

Speech difficulty – If you notice that the person is finding it difficult to speak or that his speech is slurred, this is a major warning signal, it’s time to take action immediately.

In many common occurrences, a person experiencing a strong will encounter many of the symptoms, whilst in other cases the individual may only encounter or two of these signs.

If you see one of these symptoms occur, you need to call 000 immediately.  Dealing with strokes has only one approach, the quicker the treatment, the better possibility of survival for the patient. You need to understand, minutes count, so observe the warning signs and act rapidly.

Other common symptoms that may go with a stroke includes:

  • Unexpected weakness or numbness in the leg, arm or the face, especially when it comes to only the left or right side of the body
  • Serious sudden headache without an apparent reaonsing
  • Abrupt vision problems in both eyes or only one
  • Sudden confusion
  • Trouble with dizziness, walking, coordination, or balance that comes on suddenly

In many cases strokes can be prevented through healthy lifestyle decisions, as well as attending medical screenings that have been recommended by a physician. Most importantly, a person with first aid training can provide real help to a stroke victim while waiting for the ambulance to arrive

Learn more about first aid in our First Aid & CPR classes, you never know when it might help save a life

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