Australian Pacific Institute of Technology (“APIT”) is an innovative and dynamic training institute that aims to empower students through theoretical and practical education based learning.

APIT will deliver Australian Nationally Recognised Diploma and Advanced Diploma level qualifications in Business, Accounting and Information Technology, as well as English enhancement courses (Non-Accredited) and Professional Development courses.

Western Polytechnic Pty Ltd (Australia) trading as Australian Pacific Institute of Technology (RTO ID 45090) is a registered training provider and regulated by Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA),  delivering Vocational Education and Training (VET) services.

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) is the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training sector. ASQA regulates courses and training providers to ensure nationally approved quality standards are met.

All APIT Nationally Recognised courses are recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and meet standards set by the VET Quality Framework, which assures nationally consistent quality training and assessment.

All programs are 100% face-to-face based courses on our Islamabad Campus delivery site. All educators are Australian qualified Trainers and Assessors.

Applicants must have gained the equivalent to the Australian Higher Secondary School Certificate (Year 12), which is Pakistan FA/FSC/A Level….

Speak to our Student Counselor & Career Advisor on +92 51 4859086, or visit us on campus. We would be more than happy to answer your queries and will also provide you with an APIT information Pack.

Since we will only teach a maximum classroom size of 25 students per course, as we place a particular emphasis on quality learning, unfortunately we have very limited spaces available. Especially considering the strong pre-enrolment interest for our 2018 Program, don’t be disheartened if you miss out. Our next enrolment rollout will commence mid-to-late 2018.

APIT have a 3 stage enrolment entrance process:

  1. Initial Application for enrolment to be completed via APIT’s website or by visiting campus. This process will require you to complete the Pre-Training Review including a Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) online test.
    To pass this stage, you will be required to achieve a 5.0 banding.
  1. All Students will then be required to complete the Oxford Placement Test which will be administered at APIT. You must achieve a B1 or B2 standing (IELTS equivalence 5.5).
  2. Finally all students are required to pass a Final intensive Entrance Interview.

APIT are not just looking for any students, rather we are looking for students with a sparkle in their eye that are looking to lift the standards of Pakistani lives eventually and go on to become Brand Ambassadors.  APIT also strives to ensure that applicants are matched to the programs it delivers to allow participants a fair chance to complete the program.

APIT have a 100% student retention objective with a principal focus on real quality learning outcome so students can actually enter into the workforce, further their students and become genuine leaders.

Yes, if you’ve qualified LLN. Students will be required to undertake our in-house English Enhancement Course for a period of 6 months concurrently with their Diploma studies.

All our classrooms have a maximum of 25 students. We believe in quality learning, so we will not compromise or overfill our classroom capacity as we believe it will jeopardise students learning.

All classrooms have a modern clean ergonomic setting , which includes quality furnishings along with a whiteboard and projector.

All our course trainers have undertaken the Australian issued TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification, which was undertaken by a highly qualified Training Organisation based in Australia. This makes our teachers amongst the few Trainers and Assessor’s (TAE40116 qualified) in Pakistan, and offers Pakistani local students the opportunity to really learn the Australian way.

APIT went through a rigorous selection process that involved interviewing over 140 lecturers.

APIT’s key selection criteria and mandatory requirements for the lecturer positions included a demonstration of strong character, exceptional communication skills, academic experience, practical workplace experience, and a real desire to produce quality students that can lead the next generation for Pakistan. Following this process, only 6 lectures were handpicked and selected to join APIT.

After successful completion of your Diploma and Advanced Diploma course, you should have many study options available to you. Most importantly, you should receive 2nd year entrance in several Australian Universities, and up to 12 units credits towards many undergraduate studies.

You may also enjoy the opportunity for 2nd year entry into many undergraduate studies throughout the world.

The main advantages in completing our accredited Diploma & Advanced Diploma courses at our approved Pakistan campus delivery site include:

  1. The potential cost saving to a student given that they would enter with a Diploma and Advanced Diploma level qualification.This allows them to gain a credit up to 18 months of a degree; potentially saving over AUD60,000 in tuition fees and living costs.
  2. May not need to show as much financial security (to cover tuition and living expenses) under the Financial Capacity Requirements of a Visa application.
  3. Increases criteria in terms of intention to complete the course admitted to, and reducing the risk of students switching courses mid-way through a program. This gives the assurance that you will be a real value add to Australia and other countries.
  4. Potential greater scope for employment opportunities in Industries related to your qualifications upon entering Australia or other Western countries. This gives you a higher potential earning income (than driving a taxi for example).
  5. May open the door to employer sponsorship and the opportunity to undertake a professional year post-degree under 457 Visa application.

All our Diploma’s and Advanced Diploma’s provide you with real technical skill with clear relevance to the industry, which means you will become a hot commodity in the Pakistani market. APIT are in the process of building MOUs with many lucrative large multinational organisations, which will assist our students to transition smoothly into the workforce.

The main advantage is the cost saving to a student given that, following the completion of our courses, as they should enter into a Bachelor’s program with up to 18 months advanced standing in their degree.  This means that students may save potentially over $30,000 in tuition fees (disregarding living expenses abroad). Moreover, they may not be required to substantiate as much funds (to cover tuition and living expenses) to satisfy the Financial Capacity Requirements of their Student Visa application.

Greater scope for employment opportunities in Industries related to your qualifications upon entering Australia, which gives a higher potential earning income (than driving a taxi for example). Likewise, it opens the door to employer sponsorship and the opportunity to do a professional year post-degree under 457 Visa application.

  1. Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Business – 16 months
  2. Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Accounting – 18 months
  3. Diploma and Advanced Diploma of IT – 24 months

You will be required to complete a minimum 20 hours per week.

Our Courses are delivered in a combined classroom and a simulated workplace environment.

Our courses have been priced bearing in mind international standards for the same courses. In turn, we have provided competitive packages, that we acknowledge will still be at the premium end in the Pakistani market. APIT offer quality learning, with reputable learning outcomes, which means APIT students will become brand ambassadors and future leaders .

Contact our Student Counsellor & Career Advisor for more information on course prices.

All our course fees are structured on a fixed instalments basis throughout the duration of the course. We do not take full upfront fees for any of our courses.

APIT is all about providing the Australian way of learning, which means expect an open door policy to the entire faculty; a chill out / break out area to relax during classes; as well as an alternative style outdoor café area.

APIT have as a major goal in 2018, to make the best coffee in Islamabad!

While students are progressing through their course program, the Student Counsellor will be the main facilitator between the students and faculties.  Any performance related issues that have been identified will be managed by the Student Counsellor so our students are provided with every support mechanism in becoming a successful APIT Graduate..

Where success is a tradition

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