Faculty of English

The Faculty of English aims to lift the language skills of Pakistani students from the depth of lowliness to the pinnacle of success. Professional and creative uses of the English language are essential skills for employment in education, law, business, Information technology, accounting, publishing and government. This Faculty assists students and professionals to advance their soft skills, technical English, academic language, performance in IELTS exam and communication skills.



APIT’s students are given strategies to excel in the art of speed reading, technical and academic writing, and deep thinking to inspire them to apply their refined skills in professional or academic careers long after the completion of courses. Students also develop advanced skills in writing, reading, presentations, spoken English and daily conversations. Due to an alarming dearth of quality English skills in Pakistan, the APIT’s English Learning Centre is the glimmer of hope for both students and professionals to fortify their learning in any walk of life and enhance their employability and professional capitalism.

English Learning Centre

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