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Australian Pacific Institute of Technology’s English Learning Center is a ground-breaking initiative for students and professionals in Pakistan. Our courses are designed for all internal, external and professional students which will allow them to not only advance their efficiency in Academic English and superseding their counterparts in the academia world, but will assist them in attaining greater opportunities in the employment market. The English Learning Center works on students professional grooming; prepare external students for IELTS and up skill all students professionally, academically and linguistically.

The ELC also serves as a function to assist in the admissions process for students seeking entry in APIT’s Diploma courses. All admissions require students to undertake the following three tests for entry:

  • Language Literacy & Numeracy (LLN)
  • Oxford Placement Test
  • Entry Interview

For further information on the Courses below, please email us on info-pakistan@apit.edu.au or fill out the form in Contact Us, and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.

Programs For students studying a Diploma at APIT

English Enhancement Course (EEC)

APIT offers a diversified English Enhancement Course to those students that fail the entry test(s). We help those students to flex their language muscles in terms of Listening, Grammar, Use of English and Conversation. The course caters for intermittent and limited users of English and provides them opportunities to improve language skills, for instance, how to listen to class lectures and take notes more effectively.

Students will understanding the literal meaning in a passage, the intended meaning, and drawing upon the individual, social, cultural, affective or attitudinal connotation of a situation. The reading element of EEC helps students to say good riddance to poor reading skills; quickly improve their reading speed, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and reading stamina. Importantly, the course assists students struggling to develop their use of English, both spoken and written.

Advanced English Proficiency Course (AEPC)

For students who progress from the initial tests process, we have designed an Advanced English Proficiency Course to improve the general English skills of the student including listening, fluency development, oral intelligibility, reading, writing, and vocabulary development. This will assist and prepare students for their impending studies overseas.

Programs for External Students & Professionals

Beginner English Course

Course Duration 3 Months
Classes 3 days a week
Hours 44 (2 hours per day)
Fee PKR 30,000

With a growing demand of English Language Worldwide, APIT opens its doors to intermittent or extremely limited users of English to increase their understanding of academic English, polish up their survival English and prepare them for the university level courses both locally and overseas.

Intermediate English Course

Course Duration 3 Months
Classes 2 days a week
Hours 66 (3 hours per day)
Fee PKR 40,000

Students who do not qualifying for entry tests or competitive and academic exams due to a language barrier are encouraged to apply for our well-designed Intermediate English Course. This course has several units that help students improve their academic English, enhance their vocabulary to understand subjects and take advantage of their studies. We give the opportunity to students to grow academically through Intermediate English Course, developing communication skills effectively which gives them greater chances of success in their relevant industry and exams.

Advanced English Course

Course Duration 3 Months
Classes 2 days a week
Hours 66 (3 hours per day)
Fee PKR 50,000

Despite the fact that Pakistan is a potential country with strong Teachers and Students, most are still struggling in their respective domains due to their limited understanding and use of the English language. The Advanced English Course (designed under the supervision of a research-oriented organisation in Australia) gives teachers and advanced level students a life-changing experience by brushing up on their linguistic skills to help them reach to the next level. This course will serve as a paradigm shift in the English language sector of Pakistan.

Professional English Development Course (Only Once a Month)

Course Duration 7 Days
Hours 21
Fee PKR 10,000

We provide various opportunities to professionals working in both private and public sectors in Pakistan. APIT spends time in developing the professionalism, technical & soft skills of students and professionals to guarantee their efficacy in the job market. Our professional English development courses are conducted both on site and off site, especially with corporate sectors, educational institutes, and other professionals.

We provide various opportunities to professionals working in both private and public sectors in Pakistan. APIT spends time in developing the professionalism and technical & soft skills to guarantee their efficacy in the job market. APIT PDs are divided into different proficiency programs:

  • Professional Email Writing
  • Resume/CV writing skills,
  • Soft Skills,
  • Interview Preparation
  • Professional Etiquettes
  • Entrepreneurship

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